Who is She?

To list all that inspires her and fills her cup to overflowing would be a bounty of God’s goodness. Jennifer is a gifted writer, speaker, teacher, and mentor whose heart is for women, young and mature, to be free to be who God designed them to be. Jennifer has been driven by a passion for comforting and inspiring women since she experienced the miraculous intervention of her Savior, Jesus, in her life. Failing to do life on her own, she reached a breaking point. Amid an abusive marriage, struggling with her addiction, financial ruin, and the darkness of depression, Jennifer received a spoken word from God that wrapped her in His grace as the Holy Spirit convicted her of her sin and convinced her to call on Jesus. As she knelt and wept at the feet of her Savior, Jesus forgave her and delivered her from addiction, healing her completely. Being filled with His Spirit and transformed into a new creation, she now had a friend in Jesus to walk that new path with her.

Since that transformational moment in 1991, Jennifer admits that her journey has been filled with moments of drought, and severe storms, being uprooted and replanted several times, pruned in every season, and filled with overflowing abundance. Those moments have sharpened her, suited her up for the battles ahead, shielded her, healed and restored her, and confirmed her purpose and calling in God. She says, “I was so stubborn and needed to be humbled. I wasn’t teachable because of my pride. Jesus showed me that humility is beautiful, radiant, and powerful, enabling me to access the Gospel in tangible ways.”

In 2001 Jennifer resigned from her corporate position and committed her life to ministry service. She has a broad background in healing ministries, including Celebrate Recovery, pregnancy care center advocate, addictions and treatment specialist, outreach ministry development, Pastor of women’s ministry, Associate Pastor, and student. More recently, she has completed her B.A. in Psychology and is accomplishing her M.A. in Human Services and Biblical Counseling.

Jennifer’s greatest joy is her family. God restored her dream of having a family when she met her husband, her gift, later in life. She gained two blessing sons, a blessing daughter, seven grandchildren, and a bounty of extended family. She and her husband enjoy going on long motorcycle rides, traveling, and being with their family.

She wants every woman to know in her heart, in the depth of her being, she is loved, has value, and worth is essential, and has a purpose of changing the world around her through the special and unique calling God has for her. As she pursues her dreams, Jennifer shares her gift of writing in the many honest, raw, muddy, and miraculous stories of those moments when God shows up and confirms to us that we are significant.