Tell her…

As I was looking in the mirror this morning I noticed my undereyes were looking so wrinkled and tired. I assumed it was for lack of sleep and followed those wrinkles in the mirror to the one in middle of my forehead, inbetween my eyebrows. My worry line. I then noticed a rather large freckle on my cheeck which pointed to the lines forming around my lips where my lipstick tends to wonder off to these days. And, of course, why not just keep searching for more physical flaws that identify the various stages of my life. Nothing was where it was supposed to be or looked like I felt. After about ten minutes of this I didn’t want to get ready for the day. What’s the use. I am nothing but wrinkled, imperfect, weathered by worry, scared by life’s struggles, and just plain tired.

The mirror is a liar! It only shows us what we see first in everyone else, the surface. The mirror does not give us a reflection of our heart, character, personality, spirit, dreams, or calling. It is strictly a reflection of our exterior, which is NOT the sum of who we are. When we only focus on our own understanding of physical beauty we will always end up disappointed, insecure, robbed of our confidence, and walking away with an obscured identity. That woman in the mirror is so much more than what she sees.

Tell her that she is made in the image of her Heavenly Father – not just a physical image, but made in the image of his love, character, and power. Tell her she has been gifted with intellegence, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that flows through her from God. Tell her that Jesus willingly chose to die for her and take upon himself all her sin and pain because he wanted to pay the price for it all so she wouldn’t have to. Tell her that she doesn’t have to prove herself to God because she has already been approved of by him. Tell her that she is priceless, valuable, important, loved, cherished, adored, and walks in the favor of God. Tell her she is God’s child, his beloved daughter whom he calls by name and sings over. Tell her she is significant and has been appointed with a divine purpose and calling set aside just for her because she is unique, precious, and special to her Heavenly Father. And, tell her that when she steps out into her day knowing who she is, that is what the world will see – God’s beloved.

“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”

Zephania 3:17 NIV