Revelation 22:17, "And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come". And let him that heareth say, "Come". And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely."

As I was in prayer this morning and searching the scriptures, the Lord blessed me with this verse in Revelation. I was deeply impressed by the Holy Spirit with the passion, longing, and love shared between the “Spirit” of God and His “bride,” the church.

Moreso, in the last days, as our Groom prepares for His glorious triumphant return, how the church responds to the Holy Spirit’s call to “come” is in obedience to God and response to the Lamb of God. The church, Bride of Christ, conveys with exuberance an urgent invitation to the world, “come.”

The Bride of Christ are believers, you and me. In this verse, we see the relationship between Jesus, the Spirit, and the church that is interdependent, serving together and conveying the message of the Gospel to those who “athirst.”

When I consider that word, “athirst,” I think of being completely hopeless, tapped out, weary, cornered, and feeling like you are dying inside. Sin does that to a person. Yet, here we read the posture of God’s heart, the message of Jesus, to cry out to those that thirst, to invite those that are weighed down with sin, bound in emotional pain, without hope, to drink from the cup of salvation and be restored by the water of life.

It is not a ‘just them’ message but an invitation for ALL. Yet, there will be those who hear and are willing to come and those who hear and are unwilling.

Deeper than the invitation to ‘come’ is the heart of Christ towards us. He is compelled by His great love for us to make this final plea – an invitation to have new life – freely given. It is our Shepard’s final rescue effort as He wants not one of His sheep to be lost. As sinners, we are not merely walking wounded who need a helping hand. We need to be resurrected with a full-scale deliverance! And only Jesus can deliver us from ourselves.

“Come,” says the Spirit of God. “Come” and be free from sin, guilt, shame, and regret. “Come” and be delivered from the habits of the flesh. “Come” and receive forgiveness freely given. “Come” and receive a new heart, spirit, and mind, freely given. “Come” and be filled with the Holy Spirit and transformed with the mind of Christ. “Come” and be restored, strengthened, and established as my beloved, chosen, and adopted son and daughter. “Come” and be healed from your infirmities. “Come,” “Come,” “Come,” and receive the gift of eternal life with Christ in Heaven.

Jesus’ call to “come” is driven by your need for Him.